If the company uses the real estate of its partners without paying rent, does the company submit an income tax return of real persons? (In Turkey)

If the partner of a single-shareholder joint-stock company uses its [...]

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What is the VAT rate of the invoice we will issue while selling the van that appears in our records when wind up the enterprise? (In Turkey)

My income taxpayer subject to the book declaration system bought [...]

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Do employees who earn wage from two different workplaces in one calendar year have to submit income tax return, in Turkey?

A person worked in a workplace in the first 5 [...]

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What should companies do if they engage in commercial activities other than their subject of activities in tax signboard? (In Turkey)

Can the company whose subject of activity is “construct- construction [...]

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Can we transfer the amount in the account of 525 for the commodity registered within the scope of stock amnesty? (In Turkey)

Stock amnesty transactions of the commodity in the stock have [...]

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Can we book the payments of company personnel for transportation such as buses or minibusses, as undocumented expenses? (In Turkey)

You cannot record undocumented expenses. Buses and minibusses are taxpayers [...]

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