​“We are strong-willed to push Turkey forward in the post-COVID-19 era as a global actor with a potential for booming and a competitive edge,” stated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his remarks at the press conference following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting held on December 14.

Sharing his insights into Turkey’s economy in the aftermath of the pandemic, President Erdoğan said that Turkey has not yet risen to the level it deserves. “It is our aim to uplift our country to the level it is supposed to be during the global, political and economic restructuring process triggered by the pandemic. Turkey, with its numerous advantages, outshines many other countries. We approach our economy not only by looking at the current picture, but also by paying attention to this great potential before us,” he explained.
The government is taking all precautions by foreseeing all possible scenarios, President Erdoğan added. He also stated Turkey distinguishes itself as an advantageous investment destination. “We are reforming all Turkey’s policies with the aim of becoming a leader in the post-pandemic era. With its production diversity, logistical capabilities, strong supply chain, incentives and dynamic workforce, Turkey has become a location which will not disappoint those who invest in it. We are looking for the ways to attract more foreign direct investments into Turkey and we are trying to lay the grounds for that,” President Erdoğan said.
President Erdoğan concluded his speech with the guarantee that Turkey is open to all constructive contributions – including administrative and legal reform proposals –​ which will improve Turkey’s investment environment, enhance predictability, eliminate hesitations to invest in the country.

Source: Republic of Turkey Investment Office
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