Non-Domestic Producer Price Index, October 2019, in Turkey

Non-domestic producer price index (ND-PPI), which measures the change in the price of goods manufactured in the country and exported in a reference period, increased by 1.17% on monthly basis, increased by 7.49% on December of the previous year basis, decreased by 2.88% on same month of the previous year basis and increased by 18.32% on the twelve months moving averages basis in October 2019.ND-PPI monthly increased by 0.81% in the index for mining and stone quarrying and increased by 1.18% in the index for manufacturing.

Non-domestic producer price index annual change on same month of the previous year, October 2019

The highest monthly increase was in tobacco products

The highest rates of monthly increase by sub divisions of industry were indices for tobacco products by 9.58%, for paper and paper products by 3.07% and for machinery and equipment (n.e.c.) by 2.53%. On the other hand the highest rates of monthly decrease in ND-PPI by sub divisions of industry were indices for metal ores by 0.28%, for other manufactured goods by 0.17% and for basic metals by 0.06%.

The highest monthly increase in main industrial groupings was in capital goods

According to main industrial groupings classification, the highest rate of monthly increases was in capital goods by 1.83% in October 2019.

Non-domestic producer price index and rate of changes, October 2019

The next release on this subject will be on December 20, 2019.

Source: TÜİK
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