March 22, 2023

The number of employees in Slovakia increased year-on-year in most sectors, employment increased more significantly in accommodation, and particularly selected market services recorded a decline. Despite a dynamic growth of nominal wages across all sectors, only 2 out of 10 sectors did not record a growth of real prices.

Year-on-year development of employment and wages in January 2023

In the first month of 2023, employment grew in 7 out of 10 monitored sectors. The number of employees increased the most in accommodation by 5.8%. In sale and repair of motor vehicles, the number of employees increased year-on-year by .5%, in information and communication by 2.3%. A slight growth of up to 2% was also recorded in transportation and storage, construction, retail trade and food and beverage service activities.

On the contrary, selected market services recorded lower number of employees than a year ago (by 3.5%), but also wholesale (by 1.4%) and industry (by 0.9%), in which employment has been decreasing at a moderate rate for 11 consecutive months.

The average nominal monthly wage increased year-on-year in all monitored sectors in January. It rose by a double-digit rate in 8 out of 10 monitored sectors. It increased most significantly in accommodation, by more than a quarter, to EUR 1,030. The second highest growth was recorded in food and beverage service activities, where wages on average rose by 16% to EUR 678. Employees of these two sectors also recorded higher real wages, year-on-year, up to 9.7% in accommodation. Nominal wages grew by the lowest rate in information and communication (by 8%) and in selected market services (by 9.4%), which was reflected in the most significant drop in real wages by more than 5%.

Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
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