Foreign Trade Statistics, October 2019, in turkey

According to the provisional data, produced with the cooperation of the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Trade, in October 2019; exports were 15 billion 664 million dollars with a 0.1% decrease and imports were 17 billion 472 million dollars  with a 8%  increase  compared with October 2018.

Foreign trade deficit increased by 263.6%  

In October 2019 foreign trade deficit was 1 billion 808 million dollars with a 263.6% increase compared with October 2018. In October 2019, exports coverage imports was 89.6% while it was 96.9% in October 2018.

Seasonally and calendar adjusted exports  decreased by 0.5%

Seasonally and calendar adjusted exports decreased by 0.5% while imports increased by 3.6% compared with previous month. Calendar adjusted exports did not change and imports increased by 9.5% compared with October 2018.

The main partner for exports was Germany

In October 2019, the main partner country for exports was Germany with 1 billion 385 million dollars. The country was followed by the United Kingdom with 950 million dollars, Italy with 941 million dollars and  Iraq  with  874  million  dollars.  The  top  country for Turkey’s imports was Russia with 1 billion 787 million dollars. The  country was followed by China with 1 billion 726 million dollars, Germany with 1 billion 516 million dollars and USA with 976 million dollars.

Ratio of exports of high-tech products in manufacturing industries was 3.9%

Foreign trade by technology intensity covers the manufacturing industries’ products in classification of  ISIC Rev.3. According to the ISIC Rev.3, the ratio of manufacturing industries products in total exports was 93.2% in October. The ratio of high-technology products in manufacturing industries exports was 3.9%. The ratio of manufacturing industries’ products in total imports was 78.5%. The ratio of high-technology products in  manufacturing industries’ imports was 16.2% in October 2019.

According to general trade system exports were 16 billion 338 million dollars 

According to the general trade system in October 2019, exports were 16 billion 338 million dollars  with a 1.5% decrease and imports were 18 billion 177 million dollars  with a 10.8%  increase  compared with October 2018. Exports coverage imports was 89.9% in October 2019.

The next release on this subject will be on December 31, 2019.

Foreign trade statistics are calculated by using two different trading systems, namely the special trade system and the general trade system. In the special trade system, data of customs warehouses and free zones are not included in statistics. However, goods entering in or leaving from the free circulation area of a country are covered. In the special trade system, free zones and customs warehouses are not included in the statistical region of that country. For this reason, goods sent from free zones and warehouses to the country and goods sent from the country to free zones and customs warehouses are covered in the calculations but trade between these regions and third countries aren’t covered in the calculations. In the general trade system, goods entering in or leaving from economic area of the country are covered in statistics. In the general trade system, goods entering in free zones, customs warehouses and free circulation area which constitute the economic area of the country or leaving from these areas are covered in the calculations.

Turkish Statistical Institute will continue to publish detailed foreign trade statistics according to the special trade system. In addition, annual and monthly total foreign trade statistics by the general trade system will be given in a bulletin table and in a statistical table including 2013-2019 period.

Source: TUIK
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