Eurostat Q3 2023 Report: 65.8% Clerical, 63.5% Sales: Women’s Triumph in EU Occupations

March 4, 2024

Jobs with the highest shares of women in Q3 2023

Nevertheless, in some major occupation groups as classified by the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO), women represented the larger share: 65.8% of clerical support workers were women, 63.5% of service and sales workers, 54.3% of professionals e.g. scientists, teachers, and 53.0% of those in elementary occupations were women.

Women were equally represented as men among technicians and associate professionals (50.0%).

In contrast, women were rarely employed as craft and related trades workers (11.1%) and plant and machine operators and assemblers (17.9%). And among managers, only 34.7% were women.

Female employment by major group of occupations in EU, in % of total employment aged 15-64, Q3 2023. Bar chart. See link to LFS extraction below.

Childcare and teachers’ aides – 93% women

When looking at more detailed ISCO classification, women in the EU made up the vast majority of people employed in specific occupations, including childcare workers and teachers’ aides (92.6% of the total employed in this occupation in the third quarter of 2023), secretaries (89.3%), primary school and early childhood teachers (88.2%), nursing and midwifery professionals (87.5%) and domestic, hotel, and office cleaners and helpers (86.5%).

Top and lowest 5 detailed groups of occupations by share of female employment, EU, in % of total employment in each group of occupations, Q3 2023. Bar chart. See link to LFS extraction.

Women accounted only for a small minority of building frame and related trades workers (1.4% of total people employed in this occupation in the third quarter of 2023), workers employed in machinery mechanics and repairers (2.9%), electrical equipment installers and repairers (3.1%), sheet and structural metal workers, moulders and welders and related workers (3.7%) and heavy truck and bus drivers (3.8%).

Source: Eurostat
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