In the event that the earnings consist of other earnings and revenues, excluding the fees received in return for the sale, transfer and assignment of the taxable income of limited taxpayers, the copyright, privilege, patent, business, trade name, brand and similar intangible rights written in the Income Tax Law, must be reported to the tax office specified in Article 27 of the Corporate Tax Law with a declaration, within fifteen days from the date of earning by the foreign institution or the persons acting on their behalf in Turkey.

The relevant provisions of the Income Tax Law must be applied in determining other earnings and revenues, and the provisions, conditions, periods and exceptions regarding non-taxation in the provisions regarding other income and revenues will not be taken into account in the determination of other earnings and revenues obtained by limited taxpayer companies. The only exception to this is the provisions regarding foreign exchange gain during the disposal of securities and participation shares obtained in return for cash and in-kind capital brought to Turkey personally. Therefore, the determination of foreign exchange gain in the determination of other earnings and revenues in the Income Tax Law will be valid for limited taxpayer companies.

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