Household Domestic Tourism, Quarter III: July-September, 2020

In the third quarter; which is July, August and September months of 2020, 17 million 299 thousand residents had domestic trips. Domestic trips with one or more than one overnights, decreased by 32.0% compared to the same quarter of the previous year and declined to 21 million 724 thousand trips. In this quarter, domestic visitors made 255 million 77 thousand overnights. Average number of overnights was 11.7.

Number of domestic visitors, trips and overnights, Quarter III: July-September, 2020

Number of overnights, Quarter III, 2020    Average number of overnights, Quarter III, 2020

Domestic visitors spent 18 billion 864 million 514 thousand TL

In this quarter, trip expenditures of domestic tourists decreased by 19.2% compared to same quarter of previous year and declined to 18 billion 864 million 514 thousand TL. In this quarter, while 92.2% of domestic tourism expenditure was individual with 17 billion 391 million 223 thousand TL, 7.8% of it was package tour expenditures with 1 billion 473 million 291 thousand TL. Average expenditure per trip was 868 TL.

Travel expenditures of visitors, Quarter III: July-September, 2020

Total trip expenditures, Quarter III, 2020       Average expenditures per trip, Quarter III, 2020

In this quarter, according to rate of change of trip expenditures compared to same quarter of the previous year, the highest decreases were package tour expenditures with 39.4%, trip expenditures made before trip with 33.7% and clothing and giftware expenditures with 31.4% respectively.

Rate of change of expenditure types over the same quarter of the previous year (%), Quarter III, 2020

Primary purpose of trip was “visiting relatives” with 58.9%

The secondary purpose of trip was “travel, leisure, vacation” with 35.7% and the third was “health” with 2.4%.

Distribution of trips according to the purpose of trip, Quarter III, 2020

Domestic visitors stayed mostly at house of friend or relative

In this quarter, according to number of overnights by type of accommodation, domestic visitors stayed mostly at “house of friend or relative” with 150 million 856 thousand overnights. While “own house” took second place with 75 million 760 thousand overnights, “hotel” took third place with 12 million 781 thousand overnights.

Distribution of overnights according to the type of accommodation, Quarter III, 2020

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Source: TurkStat
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