September 14, 2022

In July 2022 the number of both employed and unemployed persons decreased, while a growth was recorded for inactive people in Italy.

On a monthly basis, the decline of employment (-0.1%, -22 thousand) involved only women and was widespread in all age classes, with the exception of over50: among these -as well as for men- employment grew. Overall, the employment rate dropped to 60.3% (-0.1 p.p.).

In the last month, the drop of unemployed persons (-1.6%, -32 thousand) was recorded for both genders and concerned mainly people in the 35-49 age class. The unemployment rate declined to 7.9% (-0.1 p.p.), while the youth rate rose to 24.0% (+0.1 p.p.).

In July the increase of inactive people aged 15-64 (+0.4%, +54 thousand) concerned men and women and people aged less than 50 years. The inactivity rate rose to 34.4% (+0.2 p.p.).

In the period May-July 2022, with respect to the previous quarter (February-April 2022), employment rose (+0.6%, +140 thousand).

In the last three months, a drop was registered for both unemployed persons (-4.2%, -89 thousand) and inactive people aged 15-64 years (-0.6%, -79 thousand).

Compared with July 2021, the number of employed persons increased by 2.0% (+463 thousand), the growth concerned both genders and all age groups except 35-49 years; the employment rate showed an increase of 1.6 p.p. .

On a yearly basis, the rise of employed people was accompanied by a decrease of both unemployed persons (-13.3%, -304 thousand) and inactive people aged 15-64 (-3.3%, -433 thousand).

Source: ISTAT
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