October 13, 2021

Joint Stock Company Representation Transaction

The request number should be obtained by making an application in the Central Registry System and an application should be made to the regional representative without an appointment.

1-) Petition

  • It should be signed by the authorized person with the company stamp, if signed by proxy, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney should be attached and the accompanying document should be included.

2-) Decision of the Board of Directors (1 notarized copy)

  • In addition to the name and surname of the authorized member of the board of director(s) in the decision, the place of residence, citizenship and the Republic of Turkey identification numbers (tax number for foreign persons or identification number for foreign persons) should be stated.

3-) At least one member of the board of directors must have the authority to represent the company.

4-) Signature declaration of authorized persons, prepared in accordance with Article 40 of the Turkish Commercial Code

5-) For foreign authorized persons, a notarized copy of the passport must be submitted.

6-) Approved residence permit if the residence addresses of foreign authorized persons are in Turkey

7-) If there is a foreign legal authorized entry, the tax number should be stated in the decision of the board of directors.

If the legal signatory is a Turkish citizen but has a commercial residence outside of Istanbul, the Trade Registry Office where the legal shareholder is registered, the Trade Registry number / tax identification number and the Central Registry Registration System number should be stated in the decision.

Explanation Regarding the Decisions Related to the Distribution of Duties and Powers in Joint Stock Companies with a Member of the Board of Directors of a Legal Entity and the Notification of a Natural Person Determined by the Legal Entity on behalf of the Legal Entity

  • In joint stock companies with a member of the board of directors of a legal entity, duties and powers should be given to the member of the board of directors of the legal entity in the distribution of duties, representation and binding decisions. In addition, the name-surname, place of residence, citizenship, TR Identity Number of the real person representative of the legal person board member in the decision. If it is a foreign person, the tax number or the foreigner’s identification number must be specified. If the residence address of the foreign real person representative is in Turkey, a residence permit must be attached.


In joint stock companies, the signature statement of the representative of the legal person elected as a member of the board of directors should be issued under the title of the company he/she represents, provided that the title of the original company is also stated.


The practical signatures that I will put on behalf of A Tekstil Anonim Şirketi, which has been appointed as a member of the board of directors of the company named B Turizm Anonim Şirketi, are as follows.

On behalf of A Tekstil Anonim Şirketi;

Real Person’s Name Surname


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