How will be the taxation of the payments to the limited tax corporates for petrol operations?

The services provided for the purpose of helping petrol searching operations in the scope of self-employment operations, and will be accepted as the self-employment payment. Wıthin this frame, mentioned self-employed operation;

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How squeezing out is carried out in the Industry Trade Co. Limited

How squeezing out is carried out in the Industry Trade Co. Limited? 1- How squeezing out is carried out in the Industry Trade Co. Limited? Company Agreement is able to give the right to squeeze out to the partners, and to entail this right.

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For What Purpose General Meetıng Is Hold In Corporatıons?

1-FOR WHAT PURPOSE GENERAL MEETING IS HOLD IN CORPORATIONS? 1.1- Shareholders are able to use their rights at general meetings, legal exceptions are reserved. 1.2– It is mandatory that at least 4 members of the board have to attend the meeting.

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Can corporates take their shares?

1- IN WHICH CASES CORPORATES CONSIDER THEIR SHARES AS ACQUISITION OR DEPOSITUM TAKE PLACE? 1.1- A corporate is not able to accept its shares which will exceed its capitals 1/10 rate, as acquisition or deposition. This provision also includes the third person from the corporate who consider his share as acquisition or deposition.

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When made redundant without the notice period, is there any right to be demanded by the employee?

According to the Labor Law, article number 25, if the dismissal is not based on the reasons in the part titled Rightful Termination, employee is obliged to be paid notice period payment.

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Can A Corporation Transfer Its Board Task?

The Board of Directors in Corporations assign a chairman among its members and at least one deputy chairman (in order to act for the chairman in case he/she is absent) every year. In the articles of incorporation, it is envisioned that the chairman and the deputy chairman or one of them can be assigned by the Board.

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