According to the Fees Code, the total rate of Title Deed Fee is 4 %. Both the purchaser and the seller are liable to pay the title deed fee as 2 % of the price of real estate (except Value Added Tax).

The amount of invoice arranged for real estate   and the amount of transfer from the bank should be the actual purchase price.

Following the procedures at the land office, you can pay your title deed fee to authorized tax offices or banks having a contract with Turkish Revenue Administration or PTT branches. Also, if you have a Turkish identification number not a foreigner identification number or a tax identification number and an e-collection serial no, you can pay your title deed fee on web and mobile applications of the Interactive Tax Office (ivd.gib.gov.tr).

After getting your title deed, you should inform the municipality affiliated to your real estate location about your property tax.

Source: Revenue Administration of Turkey
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